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Photo: Jussi Ratilainen for Nefco

About Nefco

Nefco, the Nordic Green Bank, is an international financial institution (IFI) that finances the initial scale-up of Nordic green solutions on international markets. Founded in 1990 by the five Nordic countries, we serve the interests of our owners, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, and support global environmental and climate targets through concrete actions.
Our task is to accelerate the green transition by financing innovation-driven Nordic green solutions that have the potential to be scaled up on global markets. We are ready to take financial risks if a project has a scalable green upside. In addition to our paid-in capital, we manage several trust funds on behalf of various donors to support small and medium-sized green projects.
As a pioneer in green financing, we only finance projects that generate positive environmental or climate-related impacts. We place particular focus on investments that can demonstrate the scale-up potential of a green solution and to which our financing can provide additionality, meaning that the project may otherwise not have been realised. 
We are guided by Nordic priorities, the EU Green Deal, the Paris Climate Agreement and the Kunming-Montreal Biodiversity Framework. We expect more than Return on Investment: we expect Return on Impact.
See About the Nordic Green Bank on our website for more information.

What kind of green projects does Nefco finance?

  • Nordic companies’ expansion into new markets with green solutions
  • Municipalities’ recovery and transition to green in Eastern Europe
  • Clean, off-grid energy businesses in low-income countries
  • Demonstration projects to improve the state of the Baltic Sea 
“We are ready to take financial risks if a project has a scalable green upside.”