Photo: Piotr Wawrzyniuk


Nopef (the Nordic Project Fund) aims to promote the green transition to a climate-neutral and sustainable society by supporting the internationalisation of Nordic environmental and climate solutions. Nopef offers financial support to Nordic small and medium-sized growth companies (SMEs) for feasibility studies, with a special focus on promoting green investments with demonstration value and potential for scale-up and growth on international markets.

Nopef has financed


with total value of

EUR 113 million

In 2022, Nopef celebrated 40 years of operations. Since its establishment in 1982, Nopef has provided funding for 3,275 projects with a total value of over EUR 113 million. Originally established to promote exports and the internationalisation of Nordic companies, Nopef has shifted its focus towards solely Nordic green solutions. Every funded project undergoes an environmental evaluation and has the potential to generate direct or indirect environmental benefits.
Nopef has been administered by Nefco (Nordic Environment Finance Corporation) since 2014 and is financed through annual budget allocations from the Nordic Council of Ministers. In its operations, Nopef strives to cooperate with other Nordic institutions and agencies that promote exports and innovation in the Nordic countries.

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